Thursday, 2 April 2009

This blog has moved

I've found a better blog hosting platform and it be Wordpress.

So if you are interested in reading this blog, hop on over to, more Grand National tips there too. And it looks prettier.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Grand National update

Character Building has been withdrawn from the National so my choices narrow further to just Rambling Minister and Kilbeggan Blade!

This also means that Himalayan Trail gets a run but we really want one more withdrawal so that Hot Weld can show if he’s fit enough. There are still 7 days to go, there’s bound to be at least one more out before then. I think Wednesday may be the last day to declare.

However, there’s still Butler’s Cabin or Comply or Die if you don’t like these.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Grand National update

Yey! Kilbeggan Blade has made it into the top 40 due to futher withdrawals of other horses. His price has gone down to 20/1 or 25/1 depending on where you look (I got him at 33/1).

My favourite, Rambling Minister, has come in to 12/1. Luckily he was the other one I took a chance on in February so I got him at 20/1. Butlers Cabin has also come in to 11/1, another one with a good chance if his fall last year hasn’t put him off.

Himalayan Trail hasn't moved and Hot Weld has gone further out in the betting. These are still at 41 and 42, so not guaranteed a place in the race. The weather forecast is for not much rain between now and the race though, so if Hot Weld does run, he will stand a good chance. Might be worth taking a small risk on him getting in, while he’s at 40/1 to 48/1. However, he has come back from injury and was pulled up on his last two runs so maybe someone knows something they’re not telling us!

Himalayan Trail likes it soft so his chances are slipping away.

Character Building is another one I have my eye on now but he is still at number 44 so it's still possible he won't get in the race.

Black Apalachi's weight has gone up to 11st 2 so his chances may also have slipped. Additionally he likes soft going and it most likely will be good.

People have been betting on My Will, but the stats just don't add up for this one. He's never won over 4 miles, he's carrying 11st 1, he's only run twice this season, he likes the ground good to soft and he's fallen twice in his career. Similar goes for Big Fella Thanks who likes it soft, so does War Of Attrition who has just too much weight and too high a BHB rating.

Of the ones at the top of the betting, besides Butlers Cabin and Rambling Minister, Southern Vic is the one to have a second best chance.

Letting the grass grow...

April showers or's blowing a hooley and alternating between horizontal cyclonic downpours and brilliant sunshine.

Things are indeed quiet on the DIY front. Last weekend I had to spend several annoying hours in town getting my eyes checked and buying something to wear to any wedding I happen to go to for the next two years at least.

On Sunday though we went for a great walk along the cliffs and beach at Southerndown near Ogmore on Sea. Nice day, until you got to the coast and it was, once again, blowing a hooley straight from the arctic. The werehound rolled in something disgusting as usual so I had to borrow the hosepipe at the lifeguards station to hose it off before she got back in the car. Foul beast.

Here she is, after another bath this morning having rolled in something else:

I know washing them so much isn't good for their skin, but what on earth else are you supposed to do with them?

The garden is sitting and growing. There is new grass coming through on the reseeded bits where the mud mountain once stood and a few bits on other patches which just haven't survived the mauling last year. Some other bits have died off though, as I wage war against a particularly invasive weed in the grass, not to mention the army of dandelions, with a squirty Roundup gun.

My attempt at a fern jungle down the side of the house:

OK, so there are only three ferns as the 2m one I ordered was sold out. There are also a couple of hostas safe in pots from marauding slugs and there was a left over hellebore but it seems to have died. Very unusual. Tough as old boots, usually.